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  • How Vice District Was Started

    Wednesday, May 17th 2017

    How Vice District Was Started

    During the blizzard of 2011, two neighbors - Curtis Tarver II and Quintin Cole - discovered their shared passion for creating and sharing beer with their friends and family. This basement, homebrewing hobby was the early beginning of Vice District Brewing.

    Shortly after becoming friends, Curtis and Quintin combined their creativity to design different beers to cater to all palates, even to those who claim they dislike beer. The creative hobby began to spiral into an obsession. Quintin, a physical therapist, frequently travels all over the United States. Whenever he would visit a new location, he would find local, unique hops to bring back for the pair to craft new creations. This lead to the recipes of popular Black IPAs, approachable Blond Ales with hints of wine-like notes for the non-beer-drinkers and many other forward-thinking and creative beers.

    As the recipe list expanded, so did their operation. Curtis and Quintin’s entire basements were soon dedicated to their homebrewing passion. At their wives suggestion (with the ulterior motive of regaining their basement) Curtis and Quintin created a business plan to launch their own brewery to chase their hobby and bring a community together.

    What began as a creative outlet to bring together a micro-community, Curtis and Quintin grew their hobby into a successful business. While the setting, faces and beers have changed over the years, the core essence of the brewery remains the same: Vice District is an environment of diversity for friends, family and the community to come together.