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  • Reintroducing our Belgian Saison: Sarahmeloncholy

    Thursday, July 27th 2017

    Reintroducing our Belgian Saison: Sarahmeloncholy

    This beer is bananas! No, really, it is. Our newest revival, a Belgian Saison we call Sarahmeloncholy, has the unique quality of subtle banana aromas mixed with citrus peels and spices. Think of it as a tiki beer.

    The banana flavor comes from the Belgian yeast, and the beer’s dry finish is from the small amount of candied sugar we use during fermentation. Coming in at an impressive 7% and a mild 25 IBU, the Sarahmeloncholy is a unique and refreshing add to your summer drink list.

    What is a Saison? Saisons - also referred to as farmhouse ales - are a unique treat in the craft beer world, as they can be radically different depending on the brewer. Originally brewed to be enjoyed in the winter, craft beer has launched this exotic category in many directions and it is now enjoyed year round. Commonly, these complex beers contain fruity aromas and flavors with a mix of earthy yeasts and spices. Saisons tend to carry a dry finish with hints of sweetness and a moderate to strong alcohol content.