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  • Special, Limited Release: Unforgivably Black

    Wednesday, August 30th 2017

    Special, Limited Release: Unforgivably Black

    On Friday, September 1, we’re premiering the newest beer in our Kitchen Sink Series, Unforgivably Black. This one-of-a-kind brew will be a limited, one-time release, and we even created a new category for the beer: Belgian Black IPA.

    The Kitchen Sink Series uses the remaining ingredients from past brews to eliminate waste, which also allows us to make some truly creative beers. This Kitchen Sink Series beer uses Blackprinz debittered malt to create an incredibly smooth coffee roast flavor. To round out a complete, flavored base, we added a nutty, toasted malt flavor. Since the brew seemed a little malt-heavy for an IPA, we tossed in some Citra hops with our own Belgian house yeast to balance out the in-your-face malt profile. These ingredients also added a subtle, tropical fruit flavor that contains hints of spice to keep your tastebuds entertained.

    This unique, complex beer is sure to please both hopheads and dark beer enthusiasts. Ranking in at 50 IBU and a 6.5% ABV, the Unforgivably Black is a must-try for any beer lover.

    Stop by our taproom and enjoy this fleeting beer before it retires for good to the beer hall of fame.