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  • How to Find Your New Favorite Beer

    Friday, September 15th 2017

    How to Find Your New Favorite Beer

    The creativity that is poured into each craft beer delivers a variety of unique and tasty flavors that are sure to please anyone’s palate. With such a wide range of tastes, how does a craft brew enthusiast find their next favorite beer? Well, we built a quick guide that will help match familiar flavors with unfamiliar brews in the hopes that we can lead you to your next go-to beverage.

    Tropical Citrus If you enjoy citrus flavors and like your beer bitter, then an IPA might be your drink of choice. The light flavor profile harmonizes well with the bitterness derived from hops. If you enjoy the fruity, citrus tastes, but want to avoid IPAs, then aim for a hoppy ale. Ales tend to carry a lot of flavors (citrus, pine, fruit etc.) and maintain a hoppy profile, allowing for a flavorful drink with a splash of bitterness to keep each sip clean and refreshing.

    Fruit and Spice Craft beer has an expansive list of unique brews to appeal to a huge range of palates. If you enjoy the fruity, spiced flavors of IPAs and hoppy ales, but dislike the bitter profile, then try exploring witbiers, hefeweizens and wheat ales. These brews will deliver notes of fruit and spice directly to your taste buds without the harsh finish.

    Toast and Nutty If nutty, toasty and caramel flavors make your tastebuds water, then consider trying a malt-heavy dark lager. These unique beers feature a mild sweetness from the heavy malt content, which can tease your mouth with caramel and nutty notes. Dark lagers are low in hops, so there is less bitterness and more sweetness in this corner of the beer universe.

    Tart and Sour Craft beer’s exploration has led to some eccentric creations, such as the sour beer. Those who enjoy tart and fruity flavors should try a sour brew, as their flavor profiles feature earthy notes. The untamed nature of these flavorful beers will taunt your taste buds with exotic flavors unlike any you’ve tried before.

    Bitter Coffee If you crave the naturally bitter taste of coffee, then try a coffee porter or stout. These truly unique styles of beer carry roasted undertones. which pair well with their coffee, chocolate and hazelnut flavors.

    Whether you’re just entering the world of craft beer or a self-proclaimed brew guru, craft beer has a wide range of flavors to appeal to all tastebuds. The best way to find your favorite is to explore every flavor and experiment with each one. If you’re feeling lost in the expansive world of craft beer, grab your drinking buddy, swing by our taproom and talk to the bartender for recommendations.