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  • Fall Out of Pumpkin Spice and Into Craft Beer

    Monday, October 23rd 2017

    Fall Out of Pumpkin Spice and Into Craft Beer

    Sweater weather, falling leaves and spiced scents could mean the end to your favorite summer drinks but also the beginning of your favorite fall craft beers. Whether you are at home craving a beer or out at a taproom for Halloween, there are many festive flavors to get you in the autumn spirit.

    Maple Red Ales

    Maple syrup might be most commonly known as a pancake topping, but it’s also found in beer. As we approach the transition to cooler weather, the fiery color of maple red ales complement the lively tones of the falling leaves. These red ales contain hints of vanilla, caramel and (sometimes) roasted flavors, which pair well with their occasional fruity notes and iconic malt-forward taste.


    Goodbye hot weather and hello mild temperatures. Fall in Chicago is ideal for drinking on patios under heat lamps. What beer goes best with cool outdoor evenings? Malt-heavy beers like porters. These smooth brews can pair well with the crisp autumn air with their roasty, caramel finish. Their bitterness is also perfect for cutting down the sweetness of s’mores.

    Belgian Pale Ale

    Amber in color with a characteristic grain profile, Belgian pale ales feature the less-bitter profile of aged hops, which adds a gentle finish. This lets the toasty, semi-sweet malt flavors take the spotlight. The natural spice flavors created from the aged hops make this brew a perfect candidate to enjoy in the cool fall season.

    English Bitters

    Turkey is the headliner of Thanksgiving dinner, so finding a complement to this important dish carries extra significance. An English bitter with a toasted flavor profile, moderate bitterness and notes of fruity flavors might make a great candidate. The mild bitter notes will act as a palate cleanser so you can savor every morsel, and the subtle fruity flavors go well with cranberry sauce.

    Brown Ales

    Counter the rich, spiced flavors from a pumpkin pie with a malt-forward, semi-bitter brown ale. It’s malt-hops balance offers a mild, clean bitterness, which complements the sweetness of the pumpkin pie.

    Chocolate Stouts

    For those who enjoy the flavor of chocolate during the fall season, try a stout with a rich cocoa finish to satisfy your cravings. With an ebony color and rich creamy head, chocolate stouts can range from earthy, oat tones to sweet, caramel characteristics. This brew is perfect next to a subtle dessert or beefy entree.

    As traditional fall flavors take over the taps, autumn is a great time to explore new tastes and find a new seasonal brew to sip. Next time you’re in our taproom, ask our bartenders about the different seasonal selections we offer.