The Taproom

Our taproom is located at 1454 Michigan Avenue, blocks away from McCormick Place/McCormick Center, Soldier Field, Grant Park, Millennium Park, and the Museum Campus. Whether you are visiting from out of town or exploring the city you call home, we invite you to our brewery to experience our rotating list of house and seasonal selections made onsite.

People spend time at Vice District Brewing not only for the beer, but for reasons relatable to their own lifestyles. Our regulars take advantage of our dog-friendly, baby-friendly atmosphere, our wide selection of family and adult oriented board games to choose from, and our available Wifi when trying to get work done. If you are new to the taproom, you will be welcomed by a diverse crowd that has come together to indulge in a common Chicago identity - the music, the sports, the local food (BYOF), the culture and the Vice District craft beer.

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South Loop Taproom South Loop Taproom
South Loop Taproom South Loop Taproom

The Mission

Our mission is to to offer our guests a unique selection of craft beer in a communal environment for the purpose of fostering conversation. What better way to encourage neighbors to build their community than to come together to share a locally crafted beer with one another?

“We see beer as an opportunity to truly build community in the broader sense”
“I love making something tangible for the enjoyment of people in my community. What stands out about working at Vice District is that we encourage customers to hang out and talk about things other than beer. We aren’t expecting anyone to sit with pen and paper in hand scribbling down tasting notes”
“I truly see Vice District as an Oasis for those that desire a place to just be themselves while enjoying the company of others. It’s my go to place to recharge my outlook on just how great people really are”

The Name

Our name comes from the portion of the current day South Loop that was once part of several notorious Red Light Vice Districts that thrived in Chicago at the end of the late 1800’s. The levee Vice District, which makes up current day South Loop, was also called satan’s mile and bed bug row, for its many houses of sin, gambling, prostitution, and opium dens to name a few. We decorate our walls with era photos of the original Vice District days along with some interesting street maps. We invite visitors to recognize the historical significance of Chicago’s neighborhoods to help understand the current culture.

We encourage residents of the South Loop, as well as all of our guests, to understand and appreciate the history of this great neighborhood and to experience its rebirth. From the time of the old Vice District to present the South Loop has proven to be a place where everyone is welcome to let their hair down and be part of a burgeoning community. However, these days you won't find our taproom as a place of ill-repute but rather a gathering place for the community including the not-for-profit organizations we support and host on Mondays who are giving back to the community we serve.