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Curtis Tarver and Quintin Cole

Co-Founders and Owners, Vice District Brewing

Once upon a time, two strangers bought houses across the street from one another.  They quickly realized they had two things in common: drinking good beer and brewing good beer. 

From that point they brewed obsessively and drank responsibly (but of course).  Before they knew it, their lives (and basements) were overflowing with brewery supplies and lots of beer. Word traveled quickly of the little speakeasy, and Curtis and Q were soon surrounded by a community of friends; hosting parties where people could come together and share their love of beer. 

They soon realized that this little piece of beer culture could be something bigger; bringing diverse humans together for good conversation and great brews.  They decided to invest in this mission and their community.  Just like the parties they hosted in their homes, Vice spaces and products are dedicated to community, diversity and damn good beer.  Come as a stranger, leave as a friend.