Craft Beer
Taproom Near Downtown

Craft beer and good company in Chicago's South Loop.

Curtis Tarver II and Quintin Cole, co-owners of Vice District Brewing, were two strangers who happened to buy homes across the street from one another. Both natives to Chicago’s Southside themselves, they soon realized that their comparable life experiences influenced a similar sense of community. After only a few conversations, Curtis and Quintin recognized they shared a passion for supporting local business, in particular breweries, and also making their own beer from home.

Curtis and Quintin were encouraged by the success of their home-brews to begin brewing obsessively, join a home-brew club, and began traveling to as many local and regional breweries that they could. They asked the beer-geek questions, took notes, revised notes, and asked more beer geek questions. Soon they discovered a beer subculture existed that was unlike any other profession.

They would host both formal and impromptu gatherings in their basements, initially to get rid of all the beer, but came to appreciate the conversations fostered from the gatherings. Their beer recipes became house favorites of friends and strangers alike. The community began counting on the gatherings to come together, and Curtis and Quintin were happy to oblige. The success of their craft encouraged Curtis and Quintin to recreate the same type of experience they provided in their basements to the local community. They agreed on the up-and-coming South Loop community as their initial destination to start Vice District Brewing.

In the same way both owners welcomed friends to their homes to foster conversation, Vice District Brewing encourages all of its guests - locals and visitors alike - to come meet a neighbor, make a friend, and build a stronger community in the great city of Chicago.

“Just like the parties we hosted in our homes, we look forward to welcoming you as our guest and having you leave as our friend.”

Craft Beer Pint

Imperial Milk Stout8.5 ABV // 54 IBU

This new Imperial Milk Stout presents with a bold dark roast in both aroma and flavor. Notes of espresso, dark cherries and dark chocolate come together to provide a big backbone that transitions to a smooth finish. This stout is served in our creamer faucet to accentuate the smooth full body, making sippin' this beer a piece of cake!

Craft Beer Pint

Hinky Dink Irish Red Ale5.5 ABV // 25 IBU

For this St. Patricks Day release, we feature a particularly tasty, small batch floor-malted pale ale Malt straight from the U.K. This is paired with toasted and caramel malt and balanced by a hint of roasted grain to give this brew a nice dry finish and a ruby red color. Have you heard of Chicago's famous Hinky Dink? Hint -- You can find him in the taproom!